Women’s Day Special – List of Women-led Emerging D2C Brands in India [2023]

Women’s Day Special – List of Women-led Emerging D2C Brands in India [2023]


Women should be celebrated every single day, but women’s day personifies a special reminder to the fact that women are constantly breaking stereotypes and changing the course of the world owing to the sheer excellence with which they play countless roles.
Women’s Day isn’t a new age concept. In fact, the genesis of this festival goes back over a century. In 1910, at the behest of a German activist named Clara Zetkin, the international socialist congress agreed to stipulate a day to celebrate International Women’s Day. (1) This landmark decision was marked by humongous rallies all across Europe on March 19, 1911.

The primary goal of this day was to draw widespread attention to the cause of the attainment of rights and Universal suffrage by women.
Over the years, the role of women has been re-written in the pages of the global economy and the nature of their struggles has also been redefined. As women continue to make major strides in different facets; social and economic, International Women’s Day has evolved into a reminder of the indispensable role of women in societal progress.

As a testament to the far-reaching and crucial role of women in our society, we have put together a list of the top 6 women entrepreneurs in India who are leading the way in their respective fields.

These star entrepreneurs have been running emerging D2C brands in India. Their success stories have become a force to reckon with.
Before talking more about these successful women entrepreneurs in India, let us try to decode the concept of D2C companies.

What are D2C brands

The D2C business model pivots around the idea of directly selling a company’s products to the customers without any need for a third party or middlemen.
The breakthrough role of women in the D2C industry needs to be celebrated because the post-pandemic era has exponentially widened the ambit of the digital universe. There are over 600 D2C brands in the market (2) and this industry is expected to reach 100 billion USD by 2025. Given the extensiveness of this domain, successful women entrepreneurs need to have unwavering faith and conviction in their talent and ideas to break stereotypes and take the prejudices of the male-dominated business world head-on.

These five women entrepreneurs in India have re-evaluated the role of a modern businesswoman and paved the way for change and motivation.

A list of emerging D2C brands led by women entrepreneurs in India

I Say Organic – Organic Food

I Say Organic was founded in 2011 by Aakanksha Kapoor. Her goal is to empower people to incorporate sustainable, organic and healthy habits in their dietary regime.

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Sweet Karam Coffee – South Indian Snacks

Sweet Karam Coffee is an authentic south Indian snacks brand co-founded by Nalini Parthiban. The brand is popular for making tasty, homemade snacks.

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Tiny Miny Mo – Gifting

This D2C brand was started in May 2020 by Mallika Gupta who started her career as an architect but gradually inclines towards nurturing her brainchild Tiny Miny Mo,

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Confetti Gifts (CG Innovations) – Gifting

Confetti Gifts was founded in February 2020 by Saumya Kabra with a vision to beautify the gifting experience for people by putting together an array of intricately selected and

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Dottedi – Gifting

Naadia Mirza founded a brand called Dottedi in 2009 with a simple aim; to make people happy.

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STAC – Fine Jewellery

This minimalist fine jewellery brand was founded in 2018 by Rashi Sanghvi and Aakriti Sethi who have decided to uphold the idea of luxury and wearability while crafting jewellery.

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Ranng Label – Women’s Fashion

Vandana and Seema founded the brand in 1994 by the name ‘Aakarshan’. In 2020, they launched the D2C platform rangglabel.com.

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Six Yard Story – Women’s Fashion

Six Yard Story was founded by Shalini Padhi and Shweta Pundir. This brand swivels around the idea of broaching the traditional art of

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Tocco – Homemade Snacks

Go tocco was founded in 2022 by Reshma Suresh who is a biomedical and electronic engineer. Go tocco is a social e-commerce platform that marries the taste of traditional delicacies with the endowments of healthy eating.

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SkinQ – Skincare

Given the aggressive nature of external stimulants, like pollution, dust, dirt, etc, the importance of having an effective skin care routine cannot be discounted. In light of this

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India Hemp and Co – Healthy Snacks

India Hemp and Co was founded in 2020 by Jayanti and Shalini Bhattacharya with an aim to bring the benefits of Hemp to fore.

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EB Store (Everything Beautiful) – Sustainable Products

Everything Beautiful is founded by Kanika, which offers Make In India products in the decor segment. By providing skill-based

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Cuppa City Coffee – Beverages

Cuppa City Coffee is an Indian brand delivering world-class coffee since 2021. The founder and Chief Coffeist, Nell Neemuch, is a trained barista from a specialty coffee shop in Seattle and a certified coffee roaster.

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Weaves of Tradition – Handloom Fashion

Weaves of Tradition is a six-year-old handloom fashion brand and recently launched The Traveling Loom, India’s first

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VinzBerry – Female Hygiene

Vizberry was founded by Vineeta Agrawal primarily to address women’s daily hygiene concerns and practical needs.

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Sizyx – Women’s Clothing

Founded by Aakanksha Mishra and Kshitiz Kamra, Sizyx is an early stage size inclusive D2C clothing brand for Indian Women. Sizyx

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Gudhgrams – Flavored Jaggery Dessert

Gudhgrams are India’s first flavoured jaggery powder desserts in convenient sachets. Ayushi Seth co-founded this women-led organization.

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Studio Ekasth – Home Decor

Ekasth is a design studio with expertise in consulting, designing, and manufacturing.
Shubhi Jain, a graduate of the Srishti School of Art, Bengaluru, conceived Ekasth as an

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Bombay Greens – Home & Gardening

Bombay Greens was started by a young couple; Ankur and Tanvi Aggarwal. The germ of this idea came to them while they were tending to their home garden to produce organic foods for personal consumption.

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Tiny Tots – Cloth Diapers for Babies & Adults

For a healthier future for our youth and a more sustainable future for our planet, TINYTOTS manufactures chemical-free, rash-free, leak-free cloth diapers as an alternative to toxic disposable diapers to provide stress-free days and nights.

Special Mention to One of the leading Bootstrapped B2C Brand in India by Women Leaders

Yes Madam – Home Salon Services

Yes Madam has established a strong presence in the home salon and spa industry under the leadership of Yukti Arya, Garima Sharma, and Akanksha Vishnoi.

These 3 women entrepreneurs are in charge of building a powerful female workforce of more than 2000 service professionals and tackling important challenges for Indian consumers especially women, like hygiene, privacy, and product transparency at the most affordable price point.

If the beauty business would ever have experienced such disruptions it’s due to these women and their unwavering commitment to making salons available at every doorstep.

The Digi Acai Team was privileged to work with these wonder women for Yes Madam SEO and was blown away by their humble attitude, business acumen and problem-solving abilities.






Emerging D2C Brands by Women in India

Emerging D2C Brand Name   


   Bombay Greens   Home & Gardening
   Sweet Karam Coffee   Organic Snacks
   Confetti Gifts   Online Gifting
   Tiny Miny Mo   Online Gifting
   I Say Organic   Organic Foods
   Dottedi   Online Gifting
   Six Yard Story  Women’s Fashion
   STAC   Fine Jewellery
   Ranng Label   Women’s Fashion
  SkinQ   Skincare
  India Hemp and Co   Healthy Snacks
  Tocco   Homemade Snacks
  Cuppa City Coffee   Beverages
  EB Store (Everything Beautiful)  Sustainable Products
  Sizyx  Women’s Clothing
  Vinzberry   Female Hygiene
  Tiny Tots   Cloth Diapers
  Weaves of Tradition   Indian Crafts & Textiles
  Studio Ekasth   Home Decor
  Gudhgrams   Homemade Desserts

Final Words…
The rise and thriving success of women entrepreneurs provides a positive stimulus to our society and beckons a path towards gender equality and financial independence for women. This also means that women are at a vantage point of bringing their priceless perspective to tackle and revolutionise the business world while charting their growth path.

Note from our Founder, Neha Agarwal

India has a very high success rate for D2C brands run by women, as evident from the current situation. The success of one woman is the success of everyone, and is an inspiration for many. As a community, we should support the women who are passionate and working hard to make a mark.
Wishing you a very Happy Women’s Day! 🙂

  • FAQs

    Who is the most famous female entrepreneur in India?

    India prides itself on being home to a number of successful female entrepreneurs whose calibre and fortitude have taken India into the global maps. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is one such dynamic woman who is the managing director of Biocon Limited and one of the most successful billionaire entrepreneurs in India. In addition to that, the noteworthy feats of women entrepreneurs like Indra Nooyi have managed to make such an intense mark in the global economy that their success story will continue to inspire women for generations to come.

  • Who is the youngest female CEO in India?

    As of 2023, Neha Narkhede is the youngest female entrepreneur who is the founder of an online data streaming company called Confluent. Her net worth stands at a staggering value of Rs 4700 crore. 3

  • Which is the biggest D2C company in India?

    Mamaearth is regarded as a Unicorn D2C startup which is valued at over 1 billion USD. The brand was founded by couplepreneurs Ghazal and Varun Alagh. 4

  • Is Nykaa a D2C brand?

    Yes. Nykaa is a D2C brand that operates on an inventory-based business model to ensure the authenticity of its products and provide competitive pricing to its customers.

  • Why are DTC brands successful?

    One of the major reasons for the success of D2C brands is that they don’t have to look at a retailer or third party to know about customer insights. Direct control over their business data helps them exercise greater control over their growth trajectory and take timely corrective measures in case of any discrepancies.

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