The Rise of Homemade Snacks Brands in India: A Delicious Revolution

The Rise of Homemade Snacks Brands in India: A Delicious Revolution

The 2019 pandemic brought with it a lot of devastation in many sectors. However, there was one such industry that flourished during the tough times and saw very less economic repercussions—The homemade snack industry is one example of this. Over the last few years, the sector has witnessed tremendous growth. 

The industry has emerged as one of the promising areas that contribute to the expansion of the nation’s economy. This transformation has been attributed to altered consumer preferences, increasing urbanisation, availability of regional tastes in snacks, online availability, small packaging, and a shift in eating habits. According to reports(1), the Indian snack market is projected to increase at a double-digit CAGR from 2018 to 2024, reaching INR 1 billion by the end of the year. Isn’t that surprising?

In this blog, we’ll take you through the various reasons behind the growth of this sector and the most loved homemade snack brands that have garnered the maximum attention from consumers in the past few years. 

Reasons Behind Growth Of Homemade Snacks Brands In India

Rising Health Awareness

With the pandemic hitting us hard, we all have realised the importance of maintaining our health. Individuals have started making a conscious move by looking for healthier snacking substitutes in place of typically packed snacks like chips, biscuits, etc. This has led to a surge in demand for quality homemade snack brands in India.

Demand for Authentic and Unprocessed Food

Processed foods, although may seem tempting at once, have adverse effects on our health in the longer run. Processed food is the reason behind major health issues such as heart attacks, diabetes, cancer, etc (2). With consumers becoming aware of the probable consequences, there has been a tremendous shift towards snacks made using conventional techniques or recipes having little to no processing requirements.

Takes You Down The Nostalgic Memory Lane

As homemade snacks have recipes that were used by our grandmothers and mothers, thus every bite of these snacks takes us down memory lane of joyful summer days at Grandma’s place or the delicious taste of snacks made by our mother during festivities. Homemade snack brands frequently try to mimic the affection and care that grandmothers put into their meals.

Convenience For Working Women

Working women are often guilty of not being able to provide their families with healthy snacks made at home. Healthy handmade snacks available online give working women a chance to save time and give their families a boost of taste and health. 

Supporting Regional Producers

Homemade snack businesses acquire their products from small-scale farmers and local suppliers, encouraging regional flavours and sustainable agriculture. Customers who seek authenticity and ethical consumerism are receptive to the idea of supporting local communities.

Prominent Organic Food Brands Ruling The Hearts & Health Of Consumers

📌 Sweet Karam Coffee 

The brand is for all those who love to treat their taste buds with healthy South Indian snacks and ingredients.

📌 I Say Organic

One of the most eminent brands recognised for their clean cooking ingredients and healthy snacks.

📌 Local Sparrow

A newly launched brand offering you clean cooking ingredients that are healthy for your gut and delectable for your taste buds.

📌 Aazol – Maharashtrian snacks

The homegrown brand brings you tasty traditional Maharashtrian snacks locally prepared by women in SHGs using authentic ingredients. 

The only way we can give back to our bodies is by practising healthy eating habits and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. 

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Quick DIY SEO Tips for Snack Brands in India

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How to use these keywords 

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Blog Ideas

Product and industry-relevant blogs on your website help you gain customers’ attention by using relevant keywords and providing important information, thus building credibility. Here are some blog topic suggestions: 

  • The potential shift in consumer base from readymade to homemade snacks
  • 10 Must-Relish homemade snacks
  •  Readymade Blog Topics for your homemade snacks brand 

Update Title & Meta Descriptions For Your Pages

Updated meta descriptions and titles with suitable keywords, help the crawler to recognise your brand easily.

New Landing Pages  

As a brand, you must keep on adding new landing pages to drive traffic, build brand awareness and improve SEO. For example, you can add a landing page for “gift ideas for foodies”.

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