Shark Tank Success: Yes Madam Makes A Splash With Unbeatable Pitch

Shark Tank Success: Yes Madam Makes A Splash With Unbeatable Pitch

YES MADAM: A Successful Bootstrap Company Featured On Shark Tank

Yes Madam, the pioneering and innovative home beauty and spa services platform, made waves with its astounding success on Shark Tank India season 3. The company secured a significant deal on the show that further propelled it to new heights in the beauty and wellness sector.

Unforgettable Pitch Of YES MADAM On Shark Tank India

Yes Madam, bagged Rs 1.5 crore funding on Shark Tank India from Aman Gupta, Peyush Bansal, Ritesh Aggarwal and Vineeta Singh by parting away with 0.5% equity in their company.

Founded in 2016 by Mayank Arya, Aditya Arya, Yukti Batra and Akanksha Vishnoi, Yes Madam caught the sharks’ attention for their innovative approach and commitment to providing standardized, quality services to their clients while empowering women. The startup has expanded its footprint across the nation, operating in more than 50 cities as a mark of their dedication, resilience, innovation, and a steadfast focus on customer satisfaction.

The highlight of their pitch was definitely the manner in which all the sharks appreciated that Yes Madam is a bootstrapped company, yet the profits are staggering. The vision, commitment and dedication of the founders promises Yes Madam’s significant impact on the present and future of the beauty industry landscape.

After Shark Tank: Yes Madam’s Achievements and Post-Show Success

After Shark Tank: Yes Madam's Achievements and Post-Show Success
After Shark Tank: Yes Madam’s Achievements and Post-Show Success

After their appearance on Shark Tank India season 3, Yes Madam has seen tremendous growth with more than 5 lakh customers and approximately 10 lakh yearly bookings.

The company has solidified its position in the respective sector by harnessing the power of the valuable lessons learned from their Shark Tank journey.

Valuable Lessons From YES MADAM Success Story

Yes Madam’s success story is a beacon of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners. Let us take a look at some valuable insights:

  • One must have an in-depth understanding of their business finances. Financial acumen is one of the most crucial aspects for securing funding.
  • Articulate preparation for delivering your pitch in an honest and transparent way can definitely lay the groundwork for arresting Sharks’ attention and promoting desired outcomes.
  • Founders should have unrelenting belief in their business idea and its potential for attracting investors and clients.

How Digi Acai Contributed To Yes Madam’s Success?

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