10+ SEO Chrome Extensions and Plugins Every SEO Professional Should Know

10+ SEO Chrome Extensions and Plugins Every SEO Professional Should Know



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There are numerous varieties of search engine optimization Chrome extensions. So, if you search for those extensions in an effort to find the best search engine marketing Chrome extensions, there is a higher chance that you can’t get the right one quickly. To assist you in choosing the right seo chrome extension, here is the list of the top 10 search engine optimization Chrome extensions:

Why SEO Chrome Extensions are important

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Chrome extensions help you make informed selections on tracking your site ranking and website optimization. These extensions also help you to automate the research and analysis


Image Source: Freepik

List of 10+ SEO Chrome extensions you must know

Here’s the list of the 10 best seo extensions you must be aware of:

1.Google Tag Assistant

For analytics, it is critical to check the Google tags. You can get error reports, troubleshoot issues, and quickly verify the tag. The tag additionally connects with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics for simple functionality. You could make vital adjustments within the extensions by browsing a page in Chrome.


SimilarWeb is a famous extension that allows customers to verify the facts for any online site when browsing the internet, as it gives traffic and crucial data on every site. If you want to analyze the different industry trends and if you are looking for fresh and successful SEO techniques, this extension will be useful.

3.Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

To get any valuable search engine optimization metrics without delay to your Chrome browser, Ahrefs search engine marketing Toolbar can be very beneficial. The toolbar helps you to analyze backlinks, website traffic, and social signals quickly. With this Chrome extension, you can pick out content gaps and conduct keyword research.


SEOquake can be a valuable device for persons who care more about keyword density and other critical content creation metrics. This tool is very much simpler to use but also offers various impressive and necessary functionality.


For any search engine optimization professionals, the MozBar Chrome Extensions will be of extremely helpful. The extension will provide you with the vital insights into essential metrics of web sites like page authority, domain authority, and backlinks.


GrowthBar Chrome extension provides you immediate access to essential SEO records about any online site. It also helps to identify the traffic-driving growth channels and keywords. You can use the GrowthBar extension to look at top-performing keywords. The main advantage of GrowthBar is its simplicity and speed.


Grammarly is a popular writing assistant that tests your spelling and grammar. If you’re someone who needs to create amazing content material without any grammar errors, then this extension can be useful. With Grammarly, you can also make the content more engaging and improve the readability of your content.


If you need search engine optimization monitoring, then BuzzSumo is the extension you have to pick out. You can track high-performing content and track social networking page shares. BuzzSumo allows you to make knowledgeable future SEO selections which could analyze the quantity of inbound links.


Ubersuggest is a free SEO Chrome extension that is most widely used. You can get significant keyword data for Google search results and also show you other important keyword data from other platforms. With the Ubersuggest Chrome extension, you can get information about social shares, backlinks, and domain analytics.


Hunter.Io Chrome extension allows you to find e-mail addresses which might be associated with another website. This extension is beneficial for hyperlink-building campaigns and outreach. Hunter.Io gives you with all the email addresses related to a domain, and this makes it simpler to connect with targeted customers.