Q&A with Digi Acai Team – Poonam Maheshwari (Assistant Manager, Content)

Q&A with Digi Acai Team – Poonam Maheshwari (Assistant Manager, Content)

  • Please share your work experience at Digi Acai

I am a restarter and the mother of two lovely daughters. I have restarted my career after a ten-year gap. So, the most important thing I was looking for was a cooperative environment and Digi Acai provided me with the same. The whole team is fantastic. There is a very healthy environment where you can express yourself freely and show your potential. It’s a wonderful place to work, especially for working moms since it’s work from home and flexible.

  • What are the challenges you face as a working mother?

There are always challenges for working mothers. Since I started working, I am becoming stronger to handle those challenges. Life sometimes gives us a push that helps us realise our true potential. My family always encouraged and helped me realise my true potential, which was quite fortunate for me. The biggest challenge is starting again, but that can be easily overcome with the right set of people around you.

  • As a working mom, is it really possible to find balance?

No, actually. Working moms are always in a dilemma. As a working mom, I prioritise things and value time more than I did when I was a stay-at-home mom. Strong women can raise strong children, after all.

  • What is your Mommy guilt??

As a parent, I feel guilty when my child wants to spend time with me while I am swamped with important work.