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Digiacai Online Marketing is a 360-Degree digital marketing agency providing performance services to businesses online so they can access diverse media platforms.

    Gained Trust of 500+ Companies Across The Globe

    Digiacai Online Marketing is a digital marketing agency providing performance services to businesses online so they can access diverse media platforms. If you are hunting for someone that can enhance your brand image, influence your buyers more often and increase the generated revenue through their exceptional online marketing services then our dedicated online marketing team can help you reach, grow and convert your web-based audience. Using our vast experience in running campaigns we achieve top results in keyword rankings on SERPs, deliver high quality content, ingeniously learn off-page SEO that help you gain more traffic and increase the conversions.

    Trusted by India’s leading D2C Startups

    Who are we?

    We are a ‘small but mighty’ team of seasoned professionals and hustlers, people with a go-getter mindset and specialists of our realm. We bring on board out-of-the-box SEO strategies, most compelling content and customized techniques to manifest the best outcomes for your business.

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    We’ve found that our experience working on lifestyle, healthcare, and ecommerce brands has been especially rewarding.

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    Why Should You Choose Digi Acai?

    There are thousands of digital marketing agencies out there, that are all talk and no play. Maybe you’ve come across a few too. Digi Acai is not just another SEO Agency in India. We are the ‘real deal’ and have a proven track record of success with SEO.

    We Love Receiving Compliments

    I got to know about Digi Acai (Neha) through a friend of mine who had nothing but praise for their exceptional services!.
    I had burnt my hands in SEO with various people earlier but decided to put my faith in her.
    They are very professional and their teamwork is fantastic. The entire team works on actionable tasks with deadlines. From our very first consultation, they demonstrated an in-depth understanding of SEO principles and tailored their strategy to suit my business needs....

    Tanvi Aggarwal , Co-Founder of Bombay Greens

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    Our Work
    Speaks For Itself

    This client case study will prove SEO’s effectiveness to anyone who still doubts it. In less than a year, we have increased organic search traffic eight times over with a straightforward SEO approach.

    Our client, a herbal skincare brand, was generating approximately 483,000 impressions per month when we started working with them.

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    Digi Acai – Niche SEO Agency For D2C Brands in India (Shopify SEO Experts)

    DigiAcai is undoubtedly one of India’s most trusted Search Engine Optimization firms. Please do not take our word for it, rather we have proven it several times for our SEO clients within the first two years of our existence. Hire the most experienced team of SEO professionals at Digi Acai to boost your D2C brand and give it an economic edge over your competitors.

    DigiAcai was founded in 2020 by the seasoned consultant Neha Agarwal, and is one of those rare businesses that grew during the pandemic at an unprecedented rate.

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