SEO & Content Internships in India

  • Do you want to build your career in SEO?
  • Are you a grammar Nazi?
  • Do you enjoy searching and researching on Google?
  • Want to take charge of your career right from college?

Digi Acai is a young and innovative SEO agency that provides a unique opportunity for developing skills in Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing.

Get more out of your internship than just a certificate. Our interns receive a thorough hands-on experience in all facets of digital marketing and D2C business.

Apply for your internship at Digi Acai, most loved and trusted SEO Agency for D2C brands:

    Testimonials from our past Interns:

    “My month-long internship at Digi Acai was awesome! The workplace vibes were cool, and everyone worked together smoothly. Neha mam was a fantastic mentor, and my manager guided me well. It was a positive and enriching experience. I also learned a bunch of new things that will stick with me. Thumbs up to Digi Acai for a great learning journey!”

    Bulbul Singh

    My internship at Digi Acai surpassed all expectations. Working with the talented team was inspiring, and their commitment to excellence in digital marketing was evident in every project. The supportive culture made me feel valued, and under the mentorship of Neha Ma’am and Abhishek Sir, I grew both personally and professionally. It was a transformative experience where I could apply my academic knowledge to real-world projects and make a meaningful contribution.

    Shivam Shakti

    “My internship at Digi Acai was a fantastic learning experience. The supportive team and collaborative environment made every day enjoyable. I gained valuable insights into digital marketing and felt grateful for the mentorship provided by seasoned professionals. Overall, it was a memorable and enriching experience.”

    Suhanee Gupta

    My time as an intern at Digi Acai has been incredibly rewarding. I was able to work with a diverse team and gain valuable insights into the industry. I’m grateful for all the help and guidance I received from the team, which helped me develop my skills and grow professionally. I’m truly thankful for this experience

    Navneet Joshi

    I was new to Digital Marketing and my thoughts were am I going to make it or not? But when I joined Digiacai I gained all the confidence required to make it. Under the guidance of my manager and the whole team standing with me. I can proudly say that yes we are making a good impact on this industry. I am really blessed to have such good mentors with me.

    Tushar Sharma

    The skills I learned at Digi Acai helped me to develop a practical understanding to compliment the theoretical knowledge I acquired to pursue my career in SEO. The workspace culture motivated me to do my best and the variety of projects I worked on, gave me an insight into the inner workings of the Industry.


    I have been with the company for 9 months, and am thoroughly pleased to say that I have found a place where they value people, who find time to learn every day of their working life. In the course of my internship, I have learnt so many valuable lessons over which I will grow as an individual, so that I will be able to bring great value to my upcoming employer’s organisation.

    Rupal Adhikari

    Immense learning & ample growth – that’s how I sum-up my experience at Digi Acai. Working closely with Neha ma’am, I got to learn a lot from her, in terms of her skills & how dedicated & hard-working she is. She truly loves what she does & that has inspired me so much!

    Kaanya Pandhi

    During my internship at Digi Acai, I have learned a lot about SEO which has helped me grow in this field and I appreciate the support and guidance provided by the entire team, who always help each other when someone is stuck.

    Baani Koranga

    I learnt a lot throughout the course of my internship. I understood the importance of SEO and was able to fully comprehend as well as work on numerous activities that are required to assist any website to rank well.

    I consider myself fortunate to have received this opportunity to work with this organization.

    Over the course of my internship I was able to gain a lot of knowledge and skills about SEO and its various aspects.

    Vasudha Narasimhan

    Digi Acai gave me my first chance to be the writer I wanted to be. Joining the team was overwhelming at first, but soon enough, I settled in exceptionally well because of the amazing people I got to work with. Digi Acai has taught me that ‘just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you can’t be better’. I’ve been fortunate enough to have co-workers that challenge me everyday and help me identify my mistakes to learn from them. I am grateful for the opportunities provided at every turn, the experience, and the culture.

    Jane Olagunju

    I came here to learn SEO and every day the abbreviation of this term has changed.
    for me it is S search E Educate yourself O and optimise your learnings
    in the best possible manner. Being a part of such a supportive team feels amazing.
    It reminds me of a Dialogue from one of my favourite movies, “Jahan dekho gyaan bant raha kahen se bhi lapetlo”
    Thanks to everyone who always helped me to sort out my queries, and helped me to learn things in the best possible manner.

    Gayatri Kuwarbi

    Digi Acai made me a better person, and contributed a lot to boost my self-confidence. This little girl will always be grateful to you all, for giving her a chance, so mighty.

    The cherry on the cake was to be inspired everyday by such a strong woman, Neha Agarwal. When I first read about her journey, I literally wanted to salute her in person. Her positive attitude, her strength and capability to deal with rough situations has taught me a lot and I have learnt a really important lesson from her, life goes on..

    Srijani Dutta

    It has been a wonderful journey with Digi Acai. I would like to thank Neha Agarwal ma’am for giving me this opportunity to work in her team and to learn so much about SEO strategies. Your hard work and dedication towards the growth of the company really inspires me. I would also like to thank Taneesha Bhandari ma’am and Gauri Harbola ma’am for showing faith in me and supporting me at every stage. The work ethic and discipline of all the employees at Digi Acai is really commendable and it has always motivated me to perform to the best of my capabilities. Working with Digi Acai has helped me to learn the important aspects of digital marketing such as how to improve the online visibility of a business and at the same time provided me with a strong foundation for my career ahead.

    Simone Deshpande

    As a person who graduated during the beginning of the pandemic trying to find a job in any established company was a feat. In these times finding a job in a start up where the founders are hesitant to entrust their business to less experienced people Digiacai stood firm on their belief to bring fresh talents to their organisation. Digiacai proved that “Hiring: Fresh Graduates” was more than just a facade.

    I don’t think I could have found any better company to start my career with. My mentor and CEO of the company Neha Agarwal was a pillar of trust and experience. She made sure every single employee at the company learned new concepts and delegated responsibility equally making sure the work for our clients and our learning graphs never wavered. Thank you for this amazing opportunity.

    Lakshita Pole