We are Reuss we are full-service Internet marketing and SEO company.

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The First Step- Proposal

When we get a lead, within 24 hours we make a proposal to the client, and then have a discussion regarding the project.

The Second Step- Information

When the discussion comes to a conclusion, we acquire necessary information from the client, about logins, google analytics, competitors, so on in the form of a questionnaire.

The Third Step- Managing The Task

A project manager is assigned to ensure that the work on the client's website runs smoothly. Link for the master-sheet on Google drive is sent to the client.

The Fourth Step- Brainstorming

There is dialogue and discussion between the project manager and the rest of the team internally, wherein they come up with a unique strategy for the client, and then work begins.

The Fifth Step- Updates and Completion

According to the package and services the client has chosen, they get weekly updates and monthly reports until completion of the project.