Amazing Moms in Digi Acai Team

Amazing Moms in Digi Acai Team

Hello multitaskers! Have you ever marvelled at those amazing mompreneurs who effortlessly juggle running a business while taking care of their little ones? It seems like such a dating task, but women do it all in such a nonchalant manner. But, to get to it, it takes a sea of planning and strategic management. 

This Mother’s Day, Digi Acai is going to acknowledge the demanding life of its mompreneurs who are nailing their respective roles, all while navigating the joys and challenges of motherhood. From time management to harnessing their creativity and passion for work, these incredible women are proving that you can indeed have it all!

Meet Our Super Moms- The Stars Of Digi Acai

If you are in fix about how to balance work and motherhood, these lovely ladies are here to give you all the inspo you need:

1. Neha Agarwal – Founder

I stopped caring about “log kya kahenge” long back. It’s liberating to focus my energy on solving meaningful problems. Being a mother and managing a business are very much similar. it’s all about aligning your heart and mind towards what truly matters.

2. Isha Jaiswal - Community Management

The experience of becoming a mom is very personal, but what remains the same for all is the sudden rush of responsibilities. The life of a working mom is an example of multitasking at its best. But you know what? I truly believe us women are born with this magical ability to handle it all. With some flexibility, support and lots of love, we’ve got this!

3. Akanksha Gupta - Content Manager

I believe being a working mom is a true test of your management skills. 

One Mantra that has helped me embrace my career journey while enjoying motherhood to the fullest is Dividing My Day Into Small Slots and Trying To Be Productive Every Second.

At the onset, it seemed a little challenging but as time passed, I learned the importance of time management for enjoying this phase of motherhood while excelling in my work.

4. Shipra Sharma - SEO Executive

Being a working mom, especially from home, it’s hard to manage home and work. I have found some hacks to manage work and life, like planning meals for the next day in advance, waking up early and finishing off some important tasks before the day starts with family. I also manage to finish preparing for lunch and breakfast before office begins. 

While working for long stretches, I try to take a 10 min break every hour, and interact with my son so that he does not feel neglected because of my busy schedule. These things help me a lot!

5. Srishti Jaitwani - Content Writer

In the beginning, managing work and a little baby seemed so overwhelming, but planning and flexibility have made this very achievable for me. I set aside blocks of time for my task and finish those tasks diligently. This affords me quality time with my kid without compromising on my deliverables. The help of family and caregivers has made me able to strike the perfect work-life balance.

Swati Tiwari

6. Swati Tiwari

Being a working mom is hard as you play double responsibilty, especially when you’re doing it all on your own. Every day is a challenge, but I’m loving it. Taking care of my home and my job by myself is tough, but it’s worth it. My kids come first, and I do everything I can to make sure they’re okay. Even though it’s not easy, I’m enjoying this part of my life.

Navjeet Kaur

7. Navjeet Kaur

Being a working mom of a 2 year old son is tough and it can be challenging emotionally sometimes and needs immense patience and hardwork. But I put my full efforts to manage work-life balance as both are important parts of my life. As a working mother, I don’t want to bear my burdens in silence. I want my journey to be understood and acknowledged. I want to be celebrated for the immense effort I put into both my career and my family. I want to convey a message to others: don’t judge working mothers, in fact create a world where working mothers are empowered and supported, rather than criticised. I may not have it all, but I am always doing my best, and that’s more than enough. I am enjoying this motherhood journey to the fullest.

8. Anushree Dixit

I believe the new-age mom has to juggle countless things at once, and that builds character. It teaches you to be patient, organized, and efficient, all while managing mom duties, and work duties together.

To balance the stones, I make sure to have a rough plan for the day, prioritize my tasks both at home and work, keep a to-do list handy and just keep ticking them off as the day progresses.

I love being able to do what I love, follow my passion, workout, cook, spend time with my family, and work full-time. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and gratitude that I can “do it all”. After all, we are SUPERMOMS!

1. Neha Agarwal - Founder 

Hats off to all the super moms at Digi Acai who are rocking their work roles and their mom duties like absolute bosses. Their dedication, and ability to balance multiple roles are truly awe-inspiring. 

Hey working mama, as you continue to navigate the exciting and sometimes chaotic journey of entrepreneurship and motherhood, we hope that you don’t forget to celebrate all their big and small victories, and trust your support network when needed. Here’s to you, Supermoms – may you continue to thrive and rule!