Recap 2023: A Year Of Transformation & Innovation For Digi Acai

Recap 2023: A Year Of Transformation & Innovation For Digi Acai


As the year draws to a close, it’s time to recapitulate all that this year has meant for us at Digi Acai. It warms our hearts to look back at all the amazing milestones that we were able to achieve and celebrate in 2023.



Recognized As Woman Entrepreneur Of The Year

The year began on a high note when Neha Agarwal, our founder was conferred the Women Entrepreneur Of The Year award by Business Connect Magazine. Veteran Bollywood actress, Padmini Kolhapure was the one to bestow this felicitation upon her. Neha is a force to reckon with, and everything that Digi Acai stands for is a purview of her unflinching personality and steadfast work ethic. One of the best takeaways from her winning speech was that she envisions an equitable culture not just on a professional front but in all facets of life. 

Team Offsite In Jaipur  

We started in 2021 as a work-from-home company but in April 2023, our entire team gathered offsite in Jaipur. More than a fun outing, it was a refreshing break and an excellent opportunity for the team to get to know each other. We enjoyed the majestic and royal forts of Jaipur, indulged in some sumptuous food and had a ball with our teammates. This was our second company offsite, and the memories shall stay etched in our hearts. This translated into better working relationships and an ensuing elevation in the quality of deliverables.



Achieving Clientele Triumph With Top Players Of Respective Industries

We strongly take pride in our teamwork, ingenuity and tact while crafting strategies and campaigns for our clients that can usher them to new heights of success. Consequently, we were able to onboard one of the most revered D2C companies; Nestasia which is a market leader in home decor. 

In the same month, we were able to exhibit our professional prowess and deliver stellar SEO results for a celebrity skincare brand – 82°E.



Revelling In Positive Client Feedback

We believe in the power of innovation and hence we are able to evolve and adapt to trends and time. This is what ensures that our clients are led to success through digital excellence. A noteworthy achievement that personifies our excellent alliance with our clients was when one of our esteemed clients shared a video testimonial acknowledging our work and dedication towards their brand. This kind of validation and customer value is what lies at the very core of Digi Acai. 

Content Acai 

July 2023 was very special for us as we launched Content Acai – Digi Acai’s sister concern. With Content Acai, our goal is to transform how brands interact with people. Content Acai is like a catalyst to make a company’s digital conversation rich in terms of audience engagement and SEO value. 

Over three years, we have been able to build a thriving ecosystem of diligent professionals who are committed to polishing their skills through a pervasive learning process. 

A Continuing Quest To Educate And Evolve 

Digi Acai has been a trailblazer in so many capacities and therefore, our founder Neha started getting invited to engineering colleges to share her knowledge about Digital Marketing. Digi Acai has stood for collective success and unequivocal attention to expertise and to that end, we recently signed a MOU with a leading university to create multiple learning programmes that could embolden mutual growth. 

In light of the dynamic business environment and our relentless intention to excel at what we do, our founder Neha enrolled herself in a CMO programme in September from IIM Indore. This is a personification of her will to make Digi Acai a pioneer of avant-garde innovation and excellence.  

Parting Words

As we look back at the year gone by, we want to express our gratitude for the amazing opportunities that were presented to us this year. We would also like to appreciate and acknowledge our hardworking team that turned this year into a starting block for many more achievements and accolades in the times ahead. 

For 2024, we are super excited and charged about scaling new heights by continuing to evolve. We shall continue to strive to hone our skills and augment our knowledge about harnessing the full power and potential of the digital landscape.  

So, here we are, signing off 2023 with a heart full of gratitude for all the accomplishments and a promise to chart out the coming in an even more spectacular manner.